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Peri Bottle Postpartum Care

Peri Bottle Postpartum Care

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Peri Bottle For Postpartum Recovery

Wondering how to ease the discomfort that comes with the postpartum journey?

Meet our Upside Down Peri Bottle, your trusted companion for post-birth recovery.

After a natural childbirth, the pain and discomfort, especially if you've experienced lacerations, can be overwhelming. And let's not forget the weeks of post-birth bleeding. The best way to maintain hygiene and alleviate discomfort, especially after a tear, is by cleansing each time you visit the bathroom. Our post-birth perineal bottle is here to provide gentle relief exactly where you need it.

Peri Bottle Postpartum Care | Love Bubble Store

But what about C-section recovery? The Upside Down Peri Bottle is equally essential. It ensures you don't need to apply too much pressure during cleansing, offering a more comfortable experience.

This versatile tool isn't just for postpartum care; it's also a game-changer during menstruation. Soothe discomfort, maintain hygiene, and experience the comfort you deserve.

Peri Bottle Postpartum Care | Love Bubble Store


♡ Provides gentle relief after childbirth, including natural birth and C-section

♡ Essential for postpartum hygiene and discomfort relief

♡ Ergonomic design for precise care

♡ Easy to clean

♡ Perfect Gift for a baby shower 

Peri Bottle Postpartum Care | Love Bubble Store


Ready for relief? GET YOUR now and make postpartum and menstrual care a breeze.



Size: 500ml

Pattern Type: Solid

Material: EVA

Item Type: Healthcare, Postpartum Care

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